Those who measure capture the world! Today, measuring is an important prerequisite for progress and prosperity—and the Graz-based company Anton Paar has been supplying high-precision measuring instruments for this purpose for decades. What began as a locksmith’s shop in 1922 has long since become a family-run global group. At Anton Paar, there is a special spirit of innovation that combines working out high-tech solutions with traditional craftsmanship. This spirit takes centre stage in the exhibition at the Graz Museum: What does Anton Paar actually do and what does Anton Paar stand for? What is behind the world of surveying and measuring?

Employees talk about the importance of having their finger on the technological and scientific pulse, generating ideas and implementing them in a technologically optimal and innovative way. They provide insight into how Anton Paar operates in sectors that, at first glance, seem to have little to do with measuring technology. In addition, the exhibition tells about the one hundred year old tradition of the company, which is closely linked to the history of Graz. Graz has defined Anton Paar’s company history and fate for a long time, and meanwhile, as an international group, Anton Paar conversely also exerts a formative influence on Graz.

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